Quaker Worship… on the road

Quaker academic and author, Rhiannon Grant, facilitated an “on the road” course at Reading Meeting House looking at Worship, Ministry and Afterwords. This spiritually nurturing event was attended by Quakers…

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Friendship and enjoyment

Young Adult Friends (YAF) in Oxford hosted a Regional Meeting of Quakers. We came together as a community from Meetings across five counties, and centred around the day’s theme: Friendship…

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An Evening with Bharti Dhir

Forty people, from a wide diversity of worldviews, gathered at our small Newbury Meeting House for an evening with Bharti Dhir on March 31st. Bharti started life as a foundling…

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Doing business, the friendly way

How do Quakers make corporate decisions? Our Meetings for Business (or Church Affairs) are done in the spirit of Worship, where we strive for patience, deep listening, and careful discernment.…

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The spiritual heart of our shared humanity?

In a new eBooklet, ‘Our shared Humanity. Some inclusive spiritual perspectives’, Newbury Friend Howard Grace explores whether, in engaging together to address present-day challenges, we may find that our different…

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Pink Dandelion and renewal

Educator and academic researcher ‘Ben’ Pink Dandelion led Friends and guests at Wokingham in considering the renewal of our core understanding of the Quaker way. We also explored our hope…

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Keep your Meetings

Panel from the Quaker tapestry showing children from Reading Meeting keeping the meeting going when all the adults were in prison.

In 1662 when the adults of Reading Quaker Meeting were all in prison, the children kept the Meeting going. Today, because of the Covid-19 coronavirus all Quaker places of worship…

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Wokingham Quakers now meet online

Picture of a smart phone.

The Quaker meeting for worship at Wokingham is now by videoconference, after a successful experiment last weekend! It is possible to join such a meeting using a computer, smart phone/tablet,…

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Meetings suspended

Wallingford Meeting Room

Quakers won’t gather together for worship over the coming months. But our Meetings won’t stop. Some of us will wait in silence from our homes, at our normal times of…

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