QCOP latest Newsletter now available on our website

Top 5 solutions to Climate Change

As a new feature, we will put the newsletter of QCOP (Quaker Concern Over Population) on the Mid Thames Website under Resources – Other Quaker Resources. It will just be the latest Newsletter, which will then be replaced by the up to date one, when it comes out.

Several Friends of Mid Thames Quakers are members of QCOP, and this group has regular interesting talks by knowledgeable people on the topic of Population and its impact on Climate Change.
This is the QCOP website:


Information e-mails are in the newsletter if you would like to be in touch.
Membership is free.

I will leave you with a David Attenborough quote:
‘All environmental problems become harder and ultimately impossible to solve, with ever more people’.

Maria Grace, Newbury Quakers

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Posted By MG in , on 19, Nov, 2021