Pericles – All at Sea

The two actors of Multi Storey theatre performing Pericles

A production from multi story theatre on 16 February. A pair of story-tellers evoke a world in which a young girl is sold to a brothel; in which conflict and famine are devastating parts of Syria, Lebanon and Turkey;in which a fisherwoman finds bodies tangled in  her nets; and in which the kindness of strangers…

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In Our Hands

Farmer looking at a field of grain

How nine farmers seize the ‘Brexit’ moment to outgrow an outdated food system. This film explores their daily reality and refusal to be ground down by the machinery of big agribusiness. It reveals the wisdom of the old and the innovations of the young, who are bringing back the worm to the soil, the ‘culture’…

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Mindfulness walk for new students

Pink blossom (sorry, don't know its name) photographed on 7 January 2019 in the Reading University Harris garden

New students joined Angela, our Quaker chaplain, for a ‘Mindfulness winter walk’  in the lovely Harris Garden on Friday 25 January. They took photos on their phones to help focus on seeing the wonders of nature, and shared them over a glass of mulled apple punch when the walk was over.

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Quakers at Christmas

mince pies

17th century Quakers would have shunned any special celebrations for Christmas: they believed that each day, and all of life, was sacred and Christmas Day was no different. We’ve moved on a bit since then, and did enjoy a few mince pies and carols together. However, led by our belief in equality, peace and justice…

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Who will clean up Bhopal?

Photo of the shanty-town of Bhopal with the Union Carbide pesticide plant still towering in the background

The water supply in Bhopal is still contaminated thirty-four years after the gas leak from the Union Carbide/Dow pesticide plant. Come to see the documentary ‘Bhopali’ and hear from Colin Toogood of the Bhopal Medical appeal. 7:30pm, Wednesday 17th October, Reading Quaker meeting house, 2 Church Street, Reading, RG1 2SB A Reading International Festival event,…

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What can we do?

two people discussing a 'what can we do' meeting, over a cup of tea

Can silence be a vehicle for social change? Join Quakers, in expectant silence, to ask “what can we do in these uncertain times?” Followed by conversation and afternoon tea. 3pm on Sunday 21st October, at Reading Quakers (Religious Society of Friends), 2 Church Street, Reading RG1 2SB This Reading International Festival event is part of Reading…

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What makes Quakers tick?

Craft activities, talks, food, poppies, Meeting house tours and special Meetings for worship – there was something for everyone during Quaker week 2018.  Don’t worry if you missed these events – you are always welcome at the seven local Quaker meetings in the Mid Thames Area : follow the links at the top of this…

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Family crafts day

Once again, family crafts proved a smash hit with over 40 families taking part on 6th October. Parachute games, card making, colouring in, play-doh, and throwing pots on a real potter’s wheel. Held at Reading Quaker meeting house – keep a lookout for future events.  

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Welcome Reading Uni freshers

Chaplaincy centre: photo credit Reading University

Curious about Quakerism, or just fancy some good food and company? Then drop into a chaplaincy freshers week event and meet our friendly Quaker chaplain, Angela. She’ll be at the Chaplaincy centre for soup lunches on Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th September from 1-2pm and a barbeque on Wednesday 26th from noon-2pm, and at the…

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Art and more for Reading’s Heritage weekend

Reading Meeting House and burial ground

Visitors were welcomed at Reading’s Grade II listed Quaker Meeting house, enjoyed our art exhibition, and had the opportunity to learn how our garden and burial ground have evolved and how they are maintained to encourage urban wildlife. This free Heritage weekend event was on Saturday 8th September.

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