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The two actors of Multi Storey theatre performing Pericles

Pericles – All at Sea

A production from multi story theatre on 16 February. A pair of story-tellers evoke a world in which a young…

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Farmer looking at a field of grain

In Our Hands

How nine farmers seize the ‘Brexit’ moment to outgrow an outdated food system. This film explores their daily reality and…

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Donation being presented to Foodshare, in front of the bus that they use to provide accomodation

Foodshare donation

Maidenhead Quakers collected for Foodshare, who operate the local foodbank and provide meals for homeless people. Two Maidenhead Quakers went…

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Snowdrops at Henley Quaker Meeting

Henley Quakers’ garden was open on the afternoon of Sunday 3 February so that our neighbours, friends, and passers-by could…

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Pink blossom (sorry, don't know its name) photographed on 7 January 2019 in the Reading University Harris garden

Mindfulness walk for new students

New students joined Angela, our Quaker chaplain, for a ‘Mindfulness winter walk’  in the lovely Harris Garden on Friday 25…

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Photo of some of the people supported by the charity ATE. On the left, a young man with disabilities and his mother. On the right a group of schoolchildren who have meals provided by ATE

Action through enterprise

ATE is a small charity giving practical support to Lawra, a community in Upper West Ghana with chronic food shortages…

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Christmas at Newbury Quakers

‘Mince pies and Music’ was enjoyed after our Meeting for Worship on December 23.  There was a trio of Piano,…

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Mince pie Sunday 16 December at Henley

Our mince pie celebration, following years of tradition, was held after meeting for worship on Sunday 16 December, when greetings…

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mince pies

Quakers at Christmas

17th century Quakers would have shunned any special celebrations for Christmas: they believed that each day, and all of life,…

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Quakers and the First World War

Mark and Ruth Tod of Henley Quaker Meeting spoke on 27 November at Dunsden Village Hall about the Society of Friends…

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