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mince pies

Quakers at Christmas

17th century Quakers would have shunned any special celebrations for Christmas: they believed that each day, and all of life,…

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Quakers and the First World War

Mark and Ruth Tod of Henley Quaker Meeting spoke on 27 November at Dunsden Village Hall about the Society of Friends…

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images of different types of house

Quakers meet again in Didcot

There’s a meeting for Quaker worship in Didcot, every Wednesday at 4pm. These meetings are held in people’s homes because…

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Field with white and red poppies growing together

In remembrance 2018

“Let us remember, and remember for a purpose” – are the final words in this short video by Penny Locke of East…

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‘Beyond forgiving’ film, 13 November

  Some thirty people came to Henley Quaker Meeting House on the evening of 13 November to watch ‘Beyond forgiving’,…

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Cover of the book 'A child of Cologne' showing the cathedral.

New book for our library

Maidenhead Quakers thank the author David May-Bowles for the gift of a copy of his book A Child of Cologne. …

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Map of Syrian Civil War

Talk about the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme

Christine Hayes gave us a talk in our Wokingham meeting about how the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme has been…

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Quakers in the modern world

‘Quakers in the modern world’ at Maidenhead was well received by those who attended. Several people were known to us…

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Newbury Quaker Open House

Newbury Quakers held a successful and enjoyable Open House day on Saturday October 6, despite the wet weather. The day…

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Photo of the shanty-town of Bhopal with the Union Carbide pesticide plant still towering in the background

Who will clean up Bhopal?

The water supply in Bhopal is still contaminated thirty-four years after the gas leak from the Union Carbide/Dow pesticide plant.…

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