Renewing Newbury Meeting House

Renewing Newbury Meeting – post 1

We have now had the first concept plans for the updating of our Meeting House from our architects, Richard Potter and Erin McLoughlin of RPA Architecture. They presented two options to the Newbury Project Management Group, Scheme A and Scheme B. The plans were then shared with Mid Thames Quakers’ trustees and everyone in Newbury…

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Renewing Newbury Meeting house

Newbury Meeting house surrounded by fences because of the town centre development around it

After a wait of at least 25 years the re- development of part of Newbury town centre is about to begin! We are right on the boundary of the new development. There are fences all around us. Despite this, twenty-two of us met for Meeting for Worship last Sunday. Our own plans for refurbishing Newbury…

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Newbury Meeting house – latest update

This is the front of Newbury Meeting House

For over 15 years Newbury Quakers lived with the threat of losing our Meeting house.  To our great joy, that threat has been lifted, because the approved redevelopment of Newbury town centre excludes the Meeting house. We will, however, need create a new main entrance to the Meeting house. And because we’ve done only essential…

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