Quakers at Christmas

mince pies

17th century Quakers would have shunned any special celebrations for Christmas: they believed that each day, and all of life, was sacred and Christmas Day was no different. We’ve moved on a bit since then, and most Quakers did take part in some celebrations this Christmas. However, led by our belief in equality, peace and justice for…

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Newbury Quakers Open Day

Newbury Quakers had a pleasant and rewarding Open Day on September 30th. We raised £176 for Thames Valley Air Ambulance and enjoyed chatting with visitors and each other over cake and coffee.

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Quaker School in Lebanon

Brummana High school, with its beautiful campus in the hills above Beirut, has been a haven of peace and tranquility in which to study for over 140 years. The School pioneered a unique multi-faith co-educational approach in Lebanon adapting the English Quaker boarding school model. Although nowadays there are few Quakers on the staff, the…

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