King Thomas I of the Peaceable Kingdom

Reading Young Friends Loyal Address

What would you tell the King, if you were invited to make an address, what concerns would you like him to hear?

Young Friends from Reading Meeting wrote an address, and performed it in front of the adults, calling for attention to our priorities of peace, equality, simplicity, truth and integrity, and sustainability.

As adults our three Friends may one day have the opportunity to do this for real, as Quakers in Britain are one of twenty-seven ‘privileged bodies’ which retain the historic right to present an address to the British sovereign in person*.

[Photo used with the children’s and parent’s permission].

* It is customary for Quakers to eschew titles and honorific ritual, as part of our testimony to equality, whilst giving individuals equal respect.

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Posted By matthewC in , on 7, May, 2023

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