Pink Dandelion and renewal

Ben Pink Dandelion

Educator and academic researcher ‘Ben’ Pink Dandelion led Friends and guests at Wokingham in considering the renewal of our core understanding of the Quaker way.

We also explored our hope and expectation of a transforming encounter with the Divine (however we describe it), and the use of our distinctive form of collective worship to nurture that encounter.

‘Ben’, who is based at Woodbrooke and Birmingham University, also helped inform our discernment practices, and social witness, i.e. the life that emerges as an outcome of our faith.

Our day focused on how these elements inter-relate to underpin the Quaker way and how our worshipping communities can best be nurtured.

Picture: ‘Ben’ Pink Dandelion, Jo Rado (Reading) and Sarah Hardy (Wokingham)

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Posted By matthewC in , on 2, Nov, 2022