Global Population

David Attenborough

Are you concerned about over population of the planet? The fact that global population grows by a billion people every 12 years, makes this quote from David Attenborough really worth pondering.

Seventeen Quakers from our Area recently met on Zoom, to view a new Powerpoint production created by QCOP (Quaker Concern Over Population), followed by Q&A. We were shown graphs of exponential population growth over the last 200 years, and the impact this obviously has on consumption and resources. Although the growth rate is decreasing now, we are heading for 11 billion people by 2100, which is unsustainable for our one planet Earth. What can be done about it? QCOP made it clear that they are against any form of coercion. It needs to be choice based. But according to the UN 270 million women have an unmet need (and wish) for contraception.

We talked about the importance of education, alleviating poverty, the impact of family size and the Chinese one child policy experiment. The challenge of longevity was highlighted by an older person talking about not wanting to fall off his perch…yet!
We all felt our eyes were opened in a new way. If you have the chance to see this Powerpoint presentation, I would recommend it. If you would like to receive an invitation to the next showing, please contact us at

On the QCOP website a new Booklet ‘Difficult Questions about Population’ can be downloaded here.

Maria Grace, Newbury Quakers

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Posted By MG in , on 28, Aug, 2021