Henley meeting’s garden in Chelsea Fringe Festival

Once again Henley Quakers opened their delightful Meeting House garden for the Chelsea Fringe Week, which was from 15-22 May, although this year the visit was a virtual one.  During that week, the video ‘Henley Meeting Peaceful Garden’ received over 100 views on the Chelsea Fringe website. Chelsea Fringe is a national community festival of…

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104 year old Ruth walks for Charity

Ruth Saunders age 104 walked a Marathon for charity

One of our Newbury Quaker members is Ruth Saunders, who is 104 years old. During Covid lockdown she was getting fed up with being locked in and decided to do some walks near her home. Her son encouraged her to go a bit further each day. Then, inspired by Captain Tom, she decided to walk…

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New Booklet: ‘To Thine Own Self be True’

In ‘the Friend’  of 10 July 2020 there is a review of my new booklet: ‘To thine own self be true’ A leading Sri Lankan educator describes this production as, “Extremely interesting and extra-ordinary. The effort on one side to be honest and true to yourself, and on the other, to be rightly related to people…

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Newbury Meeting on Zoom

Screenshot of Newbury Zoom meeting

Newbury Meeting has successfully met now for several Sundays on Zoom since the lockdown. It is not the same as meeting in our circle, but we enjoy the shared worship and the connection that it allows us to make. Please join us if you would like to.

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Keep your Meetings

Panel from the Quaker tapestry showing children from Reading Meeting keeping the meeting going when all the adults were in prison.

In 1662 when the adults of Reading Quaker Meeting were all in prison, the children kept the Meeting going. Today, because of the Covid-19 coronavirus all Quaker places of worship across the country are closed. But our Local Meetings continue – online, by phone, by waiting alone in silence knowing that others are doing the…

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Wokingham Quakers now meet online

Picture of a smart phone.

The Quaker meeting for worship at Wokingham is now by videoconference, after a successful experiment last weekend! It is possible to join such a meeting using a computer, smart phone/tablet, or similar devices. It is also possible to phone in for voice-only attendance. The meeting page contains contact details and further information about this. See…

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Living Simply in our Age

Quaker membership means being part of a worldwide community of welcoming, caring and thoughtful people. Helen Addison from Newbury Meeting recently enjoyed the chance to join Quakers in Romandy, the French-speaking part of Switzerland, in retreats to consider the Quaker testimony to simplicity. What does simplicity mean to us today? Many participants already knew the…

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Meetings suspended

Wallingford Meeting Room

Quakers won’t gather together for worship over the coming months. But our Meetings won’t stop. Some of us will wait in silence from our homes, at our normal times of Meeting for worship, holding our fragile world in the light and knowing that others are doing the same. Some will join online meetings. Many will…

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Henley’s Tree for Peace

Henley’s new Tree for Peace, a rowan provided by Henley Quakers, has been planted in Mill Meadows close to the River and Rowing Museum. It was to have been inaugurated on 2 April when the mayor of Henley intended to unveil a plaque. The COVID-19 restrictions prevented the ceremony which will take place when circumstances…

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‘Snowdrop Sunday’ at Henley

Each year the lovely garden of Henley Quaker meeting house has a splendid display of snowdrops. On the afternoon of Sunday 2 February, we were pleased to welcome some seventy of our friends and neighbours, who had come to admire them. Apart from the snowdrops, we enjoyed tea, cake and conversation together.

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