Village of Hope Talk at Henley

Leprosy sufferer

Recently (16th July 2024) Henley Quakers had an inspiring talk given by Alison Clark-Morris, a local podiatrist about her work supporting patients with leprosy.
In 2016 Alison went out to the largest leper colony in Delhi, called the Village of Hope which is funded by the charity Hope Foundation.
From that first visit Alison came up with an instant wish list to improve the Bandaging Unit which included better lighting and facilities, running water, a new roof, proper clinical waste system, padding and insole supplies to protect the wounds and continued podiatry support. All of which have been achieved. As have weekly visits from a doctor and an orthoptist, two bandaging units working all day, a trained second bandager (female), a ladies only clinic and a means of sterilising equipment. Since 2019 they have been able to provide adapted tricycles for some of the most disabled members of the Village.
If any other groups would be interested in hearing about and supporting this life changing work you can contact Alison Clark-Morris at email

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Posted By Mike in , on 27, Jul, 2023

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