Newbury Quaker Open House

Listening to a talk
Listening to a talk

Newbury Quakers held a successful and enjoyable Open House day on Saturday October 6, despite the wet weather. The day included five presentations. We started with a talk by Trevor Dorey on ‘Believing or Beloving’, followed by a lively discussion. A 14 minute film  of this can be seen here. After this, with the ‘Knitted Newbury’ panel on display, Maria Grace gave a presentation on how the panel was created, illustrated by a short film. At lunchtime Eve Hughes spoke about the impressive work of Street Pastors in Newbury. In the afternoon Jane Burrell gave a most interesting and well researched illustrated talk about the history of Newbury Quakers, going back to the 17th century. And Paul High spoke about a Quaker School in Lebanon accompanied by colourful visuals.

A substantial number of ‘Non-Quakers’ came especially to the various presentations. £120 was raised for the Street Pastors from donations for refreshments. Packs of cards of John Perkins paintings were on sale and have raised £198 so far. This money will go into the Newbury Development Fund.

Members of our Meeting supplied delicious items for refreshments. We had a display of creative items made by members of our Meeting including a raffia hat made by Ruth Saunders. Throughout the day there was a happy buzz of conversation.

We think that the day succeeded largely through the hard work of individual members promoting the event.

Click here to see a 5th Photo Gallery about the Open House!

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