More about Newbury Quakers

Who we are and what we do


My name is Carolyn and at the moment I am Clerk of Newbury Quaker Meeting.

We all take turns at looking after the various tasks needed for the smooth running of our Quaker Meeting. Before being Clerk I was the room hirings administrator. I also love our garden and spend a lot of time working on it.

A Quaker Clerk is an amalgamation of Chairperson and Secretary.  The clerk arranges a Meeting for Business once a month, puts together an agenda, clerks (chairs) the meeting and writes the minutes.

Anyone who attends our Sunday ‘Meeting for Worship’ can also attend and contribute to a Business Meeting.

Decisions are made by all Quakers present at a business meeting, but we don’t vote – so it is the responsibility of the clerk to listen to all views and discern the way to a decision.

photo of Carolyn, Newbury clerk

This is the front of Newbury Meeting House


Newbury is ‘not your average Quaker Meeting house’ and will soon be surrounded by a building site.

History of Newbury Quaker meeting house - Download the PDF