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We have uploaded a number of images that illustrate the types of activities we engage ith in Newbury. Please explore them at your leisure.


Who we are and what we do


My name is Carolyn and at the moment I am Clerk of Newbury Quaker Meeting.

We all take turns at looking after the various tasks needed for the smooth running of our Quaker Meeting. Before being Clerk I was the room hirings administrator. I also love our garden and spend a lot of time working on it.

A Quaker Clerk is an amalgamation of Chairperson and Secretary.  The clerk arranges a Meeting for Business once a month, puts together an agenda, clerks (chairs) the meeting and writes the minutes.

Anyone who attends our Sunday ‘Meeting for Worship’ can also attend and contribute to a Business Meeting.

Decisions are made by all Quakers present at a business meeting, but we don’t vote – so it is the responsibility of the clerk to listen to all views and discern the way to a decision.

photo of Carolyn, Newbury clerk

This is the front of Newbury Meeting House


Newbury is ‘not your average Quaker Meeting house’ and will soon be surrounded by a building site.

History of Newbury Quaker meeting house - Download the PDF