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Who we are and what we do


My name is Tracy and I started attending Newbury Quakers in 2013. I'd looked around many churches in the Newbury area and had never quite found the right match. I was attracted by the notion of silence initially, as I'd learned to appreciate meditation previously. However, what struck me on my first visit was the feeling of the silence; the peace, energy, love and focus. What made me came back was that sense of freedom. I'd never come across any Church where your own experiences of what you consider 'God' or 'Spirituality' to be was valid, even when it was different to the person you sat next to.
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This is the front of Newbury Meeting House


Newbury is ‘not your average Quaker Meeting house’ and will soon be surrounded by a building site.

History of Newbury Quaker meeting house - Download the PDF