‘Beyond Forgiving’ at Leighton Park School

Julia Dover arranged a visit to Leighton Park School, where Howard Grace showed the film 'Beyond Forgiving' with discussion with Year 11. Host was teacher Stephen Taynton.

Photo l to r: Howard, Stephen Taynton, (teacher), Julia.


The liberation struggle against apartheid in South Africa could not be said to have been nonviolent. Letlapa Mphahlele while commanding a liberation army ordered high-profile retaliatory massacres on white civilians. After a radical transforming experience he has now come to see the the whole of humanity as being ‘my people’. This journey is focused in the award winning documentary film ‘Beyond Forgiving’. Year 11 Leighton Park students explored the implications of this during Quaker Week.

Julia Dover, who arranged this occasion writes:

‘On January 26 I joined Newbury Friends Howard and Maria Grace at Leighton Park School in Reading (for a shockingly early start!), for a screening of Howard’s film ‘Beyond Forgiving’ to the GCSE cohort with discussion to follow. Howard is a masterful facilitator and it was clear that teachers and students alike were gripped and shaken by the film.’

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Posted By MG in , , on 12, Feb, 2023

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