What does love require of us?

Everybody engaged
Everybody engaged

Twenty-five people (3 facilitators, 2 Quakers from Reading and Henley, 3 visitors, and 17 people from Newbury Meeting) enjoyed a stimulating, challenging and enjoyable day at the Kindlers ‘What does Love require of us?’ workshop. Using a variety of exercises, we were invited to discover, or affirm, our gifts, reflect on how we already use them and think about how we might find new ways of doing so. Some of what we were asked to do was quite challenging and not everyone’s ‘cup of tea’, but everyone joined in wholeheartedly and made the day a success. There was a great deal of chatter as we shared what were sometimes very personal stories, and friendships in the Meeting were deepened as a result. We thank Maria Grace very much indeed for all the work she put into organising and preparing for this event, and we thank David and Rosemary Brown, the Kindlers leaders, for their organised, well-structured and gentle leading of the day.

More photo’s of this event can be viewed in our 6th photo gallery.

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Posted By MG in , on 11, May, 2019