Together against Trump-ism

A. Trumpism March

Howard and Maria Grace from Newbury Meeting joined the Quaker group who met in Friends House for silent reflection prior to participating in the march and rally by an estimated 100,000 people to object to president Trump’s policies and visit to the UK. The very varied groups that joined the rally focussed on many issues, such as the role of women, racism, Palestine, climate concerns, and the need for political change. There was also plenty of good humour. One poster, with a picture of Mr Trump with prominent coiffure, had a caption, “We shall overcomb.”

But apart from issues there was the underlying concern about Mr Trump’s overall combative spirit and attitude. We felt that some of the banners and speakers in Trafalgar Square had fallen into the trap of reacting in a similar spirit to that which we object to in Mr Trump. This was where the time of silence together in Friends House was really helpful for those of us who were trying to distinguish between Trump-ism and Trump.

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Posted By MG in , on 16, Jul, 2018