Sharing the Quaker experience

Quaker Outreach Poster

Quakers in Reading recently met to consider how we might reach out to people who wish to accompany us in our spiritual seeking. We do not seek to ‘evangelize’ in the traditional sense*, but to talk about our faith, and welcome anyone who wishes to experience our unique way of worship and community, even if only for a ‘chapter’ of their life.

We strive to build friendships. Our Outreach Committee can arrange talks about Quakerism – the history of our religious foundations, principles and values, with specific reference to Quakers in Reading.  In the past school children, church guilds, historical societies and interfaith forums have invited us to talk to them.

If you would like to hear more or invite us, please get in touch.

* our experiences of outreach can be found in ‘Sharing the Quaker experience’ in Quaker Faith & Practice.

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Posted By matthewC in , on 21, Jun, 2022