Seeking common ground

Woman carrying a banner saying 'justice demands the right to vote'
Designed by Mary Lowndes, 1909. From the archive of the Library of the Society of Friends.

Quakers in Britain seek common ground with all political parties on key Quaker concerns. Reflecting on the recent centenary of the Representation of the People Act, Jess Metheringham, our Parliamentary Engagement Officer said “The history of the electoral franchise in the UK is a history of discrimination, on the grounds of wealth, education, and sex. While our electoral system has come a long way since 1832, it is still poorly understood and in need of care. The centenary of the Representation of the People Act is a time to speak up for the political system we want to see, one which allows all voices to be heard, which is transparent and fair, and works for the common good.”

Jess is also a member of Mid Thames Quakers.  You can read her latest blog on the struggle for the right to vote here

Posted By AW in , on 15, Feb, 2018