Living Simply in our Age


Quaker membership means being part of a worldwide community of welcoming, caring and thoughtful people. Helen Addison from Newbury Meeting recently enjoyed the chance to join Quakers in Romandy, the French-speaking part of Switzerland, in retreats to consider the Quaker testimony to simplicity. What does simplicity mean to us today?

Many participants already knew the spiritual clarity that comes with reducing consumption of material goods and social media, reducing waste and pollution, avoiding excessive busyness in daily activities, avoiding clutter of all kinds, and focussing on what’s important in personal relationships, thoughts and speech.  They shared practical tips on simplifying priority spheres of life. They also acknowledged how hard changing habits or overcoming addictions is. One participant said, “I’ve tried throwing methodology at the problem for long enough”. Looking deeper, the group concurred that finding the power to transform one’s actions, emotions and thoughts to live more simply and peacefully is best found by being still in the power of the Light and listening to the inner imperative. This power is also strengthened by supporting each other.  Empowered and led by God, we can support each other to act and commune with a simplicity that is appropriate for our times.

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Posted By MG in , on 24, Mar, 2020