Letlapa Mphahlele leads discussion on shared humanity

Group outside the Reading Uni chaplaincy: (L-R) Roland (Reading Quakers), Michael (student), Letlapa Mphahlele, Angela (Quaker chaplain), Mark (Anglican chaplain)

What is it that unites us as human beings, beyond all our different cultures and beliefs?  Students and local residents recently took part in a thought-provoking discussion of this idea of ‘shared humanity’, led by guest speaker Letlapa Mphahlele and hosted by the Reading University Chaplaincy.

Letlapa was born and grew up in South Africa during the height of apartheid.  At the age of seventeen he joined the liberation struggle, rising through the ranks of the Azania People’s Liberation Army, the military wing of the pan Africanist Congress and became its director of operations.  In 1993 he ordered several high-profile retaliatory massacres, including at St. James’ church, Cape Town, where eleven people were killed and 58 injured.  Another massacre took place at the Heidleberg Tavern and Lyndie Fourie, a student, was amongst those killed.  Her mother Ginn later forgave Letlapa. This was pivotal in his transforming journey and later led to the making of the award-winning film ‘Beyond Forgiving’.

The discussion was part of a UK tour by Letlapa Mphahlele , which was organised by Howard Grace, the executive producer of ‘Beyond Forgiving’ and a member of Newbury Quakers.

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Posted By AW in , , on 14, Nov, 2019