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East Garston Quakers support the Knit for Peace charity that matches knitters with good causes.

They particularly need warm adult clothes, bed socks, scarves, adult hats and of course large sized blankets. They have at the moment a lot of baby hats, baby jumpers and cardigans and baby blankets. They are delighted for anything you send and can always find people who need them. They are also very happy to take crocheted items. They can only accept new, unworn, ‘hand-made’ (ie not shop bought) items.

We are asking people to knit or crochet squares and make them up into dressing gowns as a warm alternative to the usual blankets. Please see the Dressing Gown from Squares Pattern

If you would like to knit contributions please contact us at

About Knit for Peace

Sounds woolly, but it works: in India and Pakistan, Hindu and Muslim needles click in accord. In Rwanda, Hutus and Tutsis are stitching their differences together. All because they provide women from formerly hostile communities a common cause: organising knitting and sewing businesses. They encourage attendance by paying welcome income for their welcome output: warm clothes for babies, children, elderly people, orphans and street dwellers.

They also set up and foster Knit for Peace groups here in the UK. Their women’s prison group has been a great success – with a waiting list to get in, group members have found it easier to quit smoking because they now knit instead!! They also report that they are feeling happier, knowing that they are helping those in need. Knitting improves both mental and physical health. They hope to set up more groups, working alongside medical professionals, in pain clinics – helping chronic pain sufferers to alleviate some of their symptoms.

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Posted By PL in , on 27, Nov, 2017