Getting ready for Yearly Meeting

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The 2022 Yearly Meeting of Quakers in Britain will be held at Friends House, London, from 27 May to 30 May, and several Quakers from Reading will be attending. There will be online preparation sessions, and special interest sessions available from 21 May. The theme will be ‘faith, community and action’: how do we experience worship, community, and witness? How can we build Quaker communities that respond to challenges and put faith into action? How can we transform thinking and action in Quaker communities and wider society? How can we use communication technology to enrich our worship all together, when for some it has been the only option for some time? What does community look like online, or when geographically dispersed? What does faith in action look like at times when we can’t gather in person?

As part of the programme there will be an ‘all-together worship’ at Yearly Meeting on Sunday 29 May 2022, 10:30 to 11:30am. This will be a huge Meeting for Worship, taking place across Britain. We will come together as a single, loving, inclusive and all-age community across the length and breadth of Britain Yearly Meeting. Reading Meeting is now registered for this event. ‘All-together worship’ will be a programmed Meeting for Worship which includes children. The programmed meeting will include a poem by a group of young Friends working with Rosie Carnal, which will be available before the Meeting, and is called ‘Sharing in the silence of us’. Our annual Swarthmore Lecture, ‘Perceiving the temperature of the water’, addressing issues of white privilege, by Helen Minnis, will take place on 28 May at 7pm.

More information on the Yearly Meeting, and our central work, is available on the Quakers in Britain website.

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Posted By matthewC in on 24, May, 2022