Action through enterprise

Photo of some of the people supported by the charity ATE. On the left, a young man with disabilities and his mother. On the right a group of schoolchildren who have meals provided by ATE
ATE supports people with disabilities and provides school meals in the Lawra region of Ghana

ATE is a small charity giving practical support to Lawra, a community in Upper West Ghana with chronic food shortages where 100% of people live in poverty. Its focus is to work in partnership with the community rather than imposing external ‘solutions’.

Since it was founded in 2013, ATE has improved school attendance of hundreds of school children through the provision of free school meals. It has also helped small business owners to continue to gain new skills and make greater profits, and assisted families with disabled children to overcome isolation and discrimination.  Read more in ATE’s latest newsletter.

East Garston Quakers have been actively involved with ATE for some time. This year Mid Thames Quakers made a grant of £500 to ATE, and several of our local meetings held special collections for the charity. We were pleased to have a talk about its work from founder Sarah Albeboure.

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Posted By AW in , on 1, Jan, 2019