Local meetings


Some Local Meetings


For Quakers, the basic unit of our community is the local meeting – this is analogous to the church, mosque, temple, or synagogue where as well as the physical building the same word is used for the group of people who worship together in it. Quakers usually meet for worship in a meeting house.

Unlike many other groups, a Quaker meeting house is not a ’special’ or ‘holy’ place – Quaker meeting for worship can & does take place anywhere (even on the internet!).

Organisationally, groups of local meetings in an area join together to form a Area Meeting – so called because the members of the Area Meeting meet together both to consider the business of the organisation roughly every month, & to join with each other to enjoy the wider friendship & fellowship which being part of the Quaker community brings.

In the area of Berkshire & Oxon there are a number of local meetings grouped together to form Mid-Thames Area Quakers. You can find out more information about these meetings using the links on the Summary below.

Summary of times of Meeting for Worship